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We are online and ready to help you with your Thermochemistry!

Just got the site up and uploaded a video on how to solve thermochemistry problems for IB Chemistry students.

Heat of Formation Thermochemistry problems solved with 2 different methods.

Thermochemistry Topic 5/15 can be simple understood if you have the right framwork for understanding how the energy is stored and calculated in chemical reactions. In this video I go through using Heats (Enthalpies) of Formation to determine how much heat is released/absorbed for 2 different reactions.

Method 1: Using the Enthalpy diagram and "Products - Reactants" equation

A properly drawn diagram can help you understand where the P-R equation comes from and I explain it in the video for 2 different examples.

Method 2: Using the Hess Law and Energy Cycle

The IB LOVES energy cycles and I run through 2 examples here using this framework

In the end, it doesn't matter which method you use, as long as you are comfortable with the method and reproduce it on a test.

Good luck and happy studying...the exam is only days away!

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