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    IB Chemistry

    Get the mark you deserve!

    Struggling in the central science? Dr. White can help you build confidence by helping to work through actual IB practice problems or giving lessons on the subject areas that need to be reviewed.

    IB Physics

    Build your Confidence!

    Is physics weighing you down? We have the resources to help you assess where you need the most help and where efforts need to be focused.

    IB Biology

    Improve your testing marks!

    Is the biology curriculum causing stressful hormones? We can help you identify your personalized study methods to get through this broad curriculum.

    Individual Investigation

    Select the right research question!

    The Group 4 individual investigation is something that can cause even the best IB students a great deal of stress. We can help you through the IA process and make sure that you are on the right track to your desired mark.

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    Experienced and Professional Tutoring

    Dr. Ryan White

    10 Years of Teaching Experience

    Dr. Ryan White has been teaching high school science for 10 years and the IB Group 4 curriculum for 6 years. He has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has helped 100's of students get the marks they desired on the IB Chemistry Exams.

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